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Search Engines
Our Approach is to think about search engine performance from the outset of a project and to choose an appropriate trade-off between the needs of search engines and the style and appearance of the site.
Experience has shown us that manual submissions to the top search engines coupled with the use of automatic ranking software gives the most cost effective solution.
More and more search engines are offering paid-for services to guarantee that sites will be considered for listing with a matter of a few days, but the costs currently preclude the use of these services on all but the largest sites.
Much confusion surrounds the usefulness of search engines and views range from 'it isn't worth doing' to 'it's easy'.  Over the years we have learned that neither of these not untypical views, expanded below,  is true. A careful approach, applied methodically month by month, will bring a steady stream of new visitors.
Myth One Search Engine Optimisation no longer works!  
It has certainly become more of a challenge, the predictable outcome of a constant battle between web masters the world over and search engine operators. While one group is tying to manipulate search engine rankings and the other is trying to make an accurate assessment of page content.
As soon as a "quick fix" becomes too successful search engines operators will penalise the perpetrators. If one of the many "automatic submission" software packages becomes too well used search engines will penalise its users. And so it goes on, but search engine operators and web masters do have a common interest in providing information to their customers.
Most search engines even provide helpful tips on how to get good results, and although search engines are much less easily manipulated than they used to be, good site design and careful submissions can achieve good results.
Myth Two Adding Meta Tags will fix the problem
The popular press has much to answer for and as a result of their many articles on search engines there is a widespread belief that all you have to do is include keywords in your title and meta tags in your pages to persuade a search engine rank your pages highly. The truth is that many of the major engines no longer read meta tags and those who do give them a relatively low significance when ranking pages.
Certainly, titles and meta tags are important, but you will need more than this to get a top ranking.
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