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Accessibility has been the subject of standardisation proposals by the W3C, the authoritative body controlling WWW standards. Their guidelines and implementation recommendations offer a clear and straightforward way to implement the evolving standards.
HTML language features affecting usability are prioritised into three sets of checkpoints with graded priority. Priority 1 checkpoints seriously affect usability, priority 2 checkpoints make it difficult for one or more groups and priority 3 checkpoints make it somewhat difficult for one or more groups. As far as is practicable we build to these standards and as a minimum would expect to implement all priority 1 checkpoints.
Meeting standards isn't enough - Conformance to these standards can easily be verified by web sites such as Bobby, but this by no means guarantees an accessible, easy to use web site, as visits to many Bobby approved sites will demonstrate.
As with any web site, clarity and ease of use stem from the way in which the content is divided into sections and presented to the user. If the information is organised in a clear and logical way, then applying the WAI guidelines should result in a thoroughly accessible site.
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